Your partner for the procurement of technical components made from elastomer, plastic, metal, and composite parts.

Proseals Stuttgart ist ihr Beschaffungspartner für technische Komponenten aus Elastomer, Kunststoff, Metall- und Verbundverkstoffen

The Company - We are flexible

Pro-Seals GmbH is your primary contact for custom elastomer, plastic, metal and composite parts procurement. Originating from Pro-Seals USA, we are a standalone expert in the field since 1998, located where our customers are, because short distances help to understand the business partner better. 

Proseals Stuttgart ist ihr Beschaffungspartner für technische Komponenten aus Elastomer, Kunststoff, Metall- und Verbundverkstoffen

Our Services



We coordinate all services from international goods traffic to delivery.



As a technical trading company, we have excellent testing expertise, especially in the field of elastomers.



Our engineers will advise you on how to solve technical problems.

Value Added & Collaboration

For our customers, we combine the competencies of our international partner companies with our wealth of experience. As your local contact, we interface with leading industrial centres and overcome cultural and regulatory barriers. You benefit from synergy effects by consolidating our goods flows at international hubs. We coordinate all services from global goods traffic to import processing and delivery. Our customers thus gain access to a comprehensive portfolio with little effort.

Globally connected, locally anchored

Our understanding of procurement is holistic and includes all services necessary to meet individual requirements. Whether via our warehouse in Backnang near Stuttgart or your consignment warehouse - our goal is to establish the security of supply, optimize your flow of goods and thus contribute to value creation. Demand-oriented lot sizes and labelling ensure seamless integration into your supply chain. This allows our customers to reduce procurement complexity and bundle requirements in the name of supplier reduction. On request, we will be happy to advise you on material behaviour and workpiece geometry. We ensure conformity with regulations and required approvals in cooperation with selected testing laboratories.

proseals Stuttgart Dichtung Beschaffung Technische Komponeten Supply Chain

Our Services

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Proseals Stuttgart Dichtungen

We concentrate on the procurement of elastomer, plastic and metal parts. Due to an efficient logistics network and a lean process chain, we always strive to achieve our primary goal – optimal integration into the customer‘s supply chain. In doing so, our focus is on quality and maximum customer satisfaction always.

Björn Hartmann, Managing Director

We work in these industries

Since the company was founded, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in a wide variety of markets by diversifying not only our range of services, but also developing new sectors and getting to know their particular characteristics. Thanks to the proximity to our customers, flexibility and our promise of quality, we now contribute to the manufacturing of power tools as well as medical technology and mechanical engineering. In addition, we also serve the sanitary and automotive industry and the energy sector.